Time for a cool change
Where Earth Reaches Sky II
2018- Blossom of colors - 30x30 - Acryli
Red Sun
The shape of beauty 30x 40
Six Ways to Sundae
September Equinox
imagination garden sm
Pork and Beans
Lights Out
Strawberry Reflections
2019-0226 - _Hibiscus_, NORTH MIAMI BEAC
Winter - 24 x 20 x 1.5 in. - $800
Cosmic Circles
Amore Mio 36 x 48 Blu Lunas


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Fine Art Exchange Network is host to a small, carefully curated community of unique South Florida artists. We provide our clients opportunities to connect and get to know our artists though their work and in person. Whether you are renting or buying art, a percentage of every dollar you spend is paid directly to the artists whose work you enjoy.

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Our mission is to provide an easy & cost-effective solution to enriching professional working environments with a fine art aesthetic. Our distinguished team of expert curators personally guide South Florida businesses through the process of actualizing exquisite and distinguished work spaces. Providing access to a carefully selected network of local professional artists and their unique work. Achieving an elegant and upscale aesthetic without paying extravagant gallery  prices.

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Our expert curators will work with you and your team to select artwork that will fit your space and budgetary needs. Our curation services include: artwork labeling for each piece, artist biographies, and on on-site introduction to the art.


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Fine Art Exchange Network is host to a small, carefully curated community of unique South Florida artists. We are committed to connecting our network of artists to the local business community.

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Discover Our

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A hand-painted mural is a great option for any home or workspace. Our professional mural artists will transform any room or workspace into a one-of-a-kind work of art. 

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We offer affordable and flexible options for you to enjoy original artworks by local Florida artists. Fall in love with your art first and decide later if you want to keep it. Renting artwork is an easy, commitment-free way of enjoying artwork.

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Can’t quite find the perfect piece for your space? Are you looking for a portrait of  your childhood home, family or a beloved pet? Have you already found a piece that has already caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right size or color. Don’t worry,  We’ve got you covered with a custom made commissioned work of art, created just for you by a Fine Art Exchange Network artist. 

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